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7 posts from August 2019

A technical comparison between snaps and debs

By Igor Ljubuncic, 29 August 2019

How are snaps different from debs? This is a common question that comes up in technical discussions in the Linux community, especially among developers and...

Useful security software from the Snap Store

By Igor Ljubuncic, 22 August 2019

Overall, most Linux distributions offer sane, reasonable defaults that balance security and functionality quite well. However, most of the security mechanisms...

Jupyter looks to distro-agnostic packaging for the democratisation of installation

By Sarah Dickinson, 21 August 2019

When users of your application range from high school students to expert data scientists, it’s often wise to avoid any assumptions about their system...

Julia and Jeff discover the ease of snaps at the Snapcraft Summit

By Sarah Dickinson, 12 August 2019

Julia is an open source, high-level, general-purpose, dynamic programming language designed for numerical analysis and computational science, launched in...

Enhanced Livepatch desktop integration available with Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS

By Canonical, 9 August 2019

Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS has just been released. For the Desktop, newer stable versions of GNOME components have been included, as well as a new feature – Livepatch...

Slow snap? Trace-exec to the rescue!

By Igor Ljubuncic, 8 August 2019

Slow applications are never fun. But not knowing why an application is not behaving correctly can be even more frustrating. A well-designed system that can...

Enhancing our ZFS support on Ubuntu 19.10 – an introduction

By didrocks, 7 August 2019

Ubuntu has supported ZFS as an option for some time. We started with a file-based ZFS pool on Ubuntu 15.10, then delivered it as a FS container in 16.04, and ...