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5 posts from May 2019

Snapcraft parts & plugins

By Igor Ljubuncic, 23 May 2019

Last week, we published Introduction to snapcraft, a tutorial that provided a detailed overview of the snap build process. We touched on the concepts like...

Introduction to snapcraft

By Igor Ljubuncic, 16 May 2019

First steps are always hard, especially in technology. Most of the time, you need a primer, just the right dose of knowledge, to get started with a platform....

Fresh snaps for April 2019

By Martin Wimpress, 10 May 2019

April was another exciting month for the Snapcraft team with Microsoft releasing Visual Studio Code as a snap. As usual, we had hundreds of other new apps...

Shared values of Travis CI and snaps enhance integration confidence for developers

By Sarah Dickinson, 8 May 2019

Travis CI is a hosted, distributed continuous integration (CI) service used to build and test software projects hosted on GitHub, and free for anyone working...

Switch life mode to FUN with some cool Linux games

By Igor Ljubuncic, 2 May 2019

If you think of the Internet as a big flat disk balancing precariously on the shoulders of titans, one of those titans happens to be gaming. People use their...