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6 posts from August 2018

Top 10 Linux applications for entertainment and leisure

By Martin Wimpress, 30 August 2018

As the summer vacation season comes to a close in the northern hemisphere I reflect on 10 applications my family and I used during the summer to keep...

Fresh Linux Applications On Demand

By Alan Pope, 28 August 2018

Traditionally Linux users have relied on central distribution-maintained repositories to get new software. With six-month or longer spans between releases,...

Ubuntu updates for L1 Terminal Fault vulnerabilities

By Canonical, 14 August 2018

Today Intel announced a new side channel vulnerability known as L1 Terminal Fault. Raoul Strackx, Jo Van Bulck, Marina Minkin, Ofir Weisse, Daniel Genkin,...

Retro Style Games on Linux

By Alan Pope, 14 August 2018

Gaming on Linux doesn’t have to mean buying a ludicrously priced GPU (thanks crypto miners!). Nor does it require a beefy CPU. There’s a real resurgence in...

Fresh Snaps from July 2018

By Alan Pope, 7 August 2018

Another month, and another bumper crop of snaps for you! This time around we have a great mix of developer tools, productivity applications and of course...

Opera launches as a Snap for Linux users

By Canonical, 2 August 2018

London, UK, 02 August 2018: Opera and Canonical today announce that Opera, the popular web browser, is now available as a Snap in the Snap Store. Opera is the...