3 posts from November 2014

Charm Workshop: Debugging Juju Hooks

By Jorge O. Castro, 21 November 2014

In this charm school Charles Butler and Corey Johns go over the traditional way to debug Juju charm hooks, and Corey introduces his new Juju plugin, DHX, designed to make debugging hooks much easier. Corey’s debug …

Charm Workshop: Your first five minutes of charming

By Jorge O. Castro, 18 November 2014

As part of the Ubuntu Online Summit, Charles Butler and the rest of the crew go over some things you might want to consider during your first five minutes of charming.

Bare-metal magic at the Open Compute Summit

By Canonical, 14 November 2014

In the week before the OpenStack Summit, Mark Shuttleworth was a keynote speaker at the Open Compute Summit (OCP) in Paris. Mark gave an overview of the evolution of bare-metal systems, especially in the context of …