ACPI AML Runtime Debugger in Ubuntu 18.04 (x64)

Alex Hung

on 14 February 2019

ACPICA is an open-source project that provides an operating system (OS)-independent reference implementation. It also contains a list of utilities such as ASL compiler (iasl), acpiexec (an AML emulator). However, AML debugging on Linux in run-time wasn’t provided in ACPICA until Linux Kernel 4.13.

Enabling AML Debugging

The aml-debugger.txt is the instruction for enabling AML run-time debugger. This document is available at Documentation/acpi/ in Linux kernel source code. In short, two things are required for AML run-time debugging

  • Enable AML debugging (CONFIG_ACPI_DEBUGGER=y & CONFIG_ACPI_DEBUGGER_USER=m) when compiling Linux kernel
  • Compile an utility, acpidbg from Linux kernel (I uploaded a copy here)

While compiling a custom-build kernel is nothing new to kernel developers, it is often inconvenient for system firmware / BIOS developers. Fortunately, Ubuntu 18.04 (x64) and later enable these config by default. One can simply execute acpidbg on Ubuntu 18.04 – even on Ubuntu Live from USB too!

Note: acpidbg can be installed by the following command on Ubuntu

sudo apt install linux-tools-`uname -r` linux-tools-generic

Running AML Debugging

Executing acpidbg on Ubuntu 18.04 (x64) is straight-forward

$ sudo ./acpidbg 

and “help” shows a list supported commands

- help

General-Purpose Commands:            
Namespace Access Commands:
Control Method Execution Commands: 


acpidbg is particularly handy when one needs to evaluate any ACPI AML objects during run-time – especially ones that change under different conditions. This may be explained by some examples below:

Example 1 – To determine AC power status in run-time.

  1. Find _PSR objects
  2. Evaluate _PSR when AC is disconnected
  3. Evaluate _PSR when AC is connected
- find _PSR
        \_SB.PCI0.LPC.EC.AC._PSR Method       00000000c53d0a47 01 Args 0 Len 0023 Aml 00000000eab88cb2

- execute \_SB.PCI0.LPC.EC.AC._PSR
Evaluating \_SB.PCI0.LPC.EC.AC._PSR
Evaluation of \_SB.PCI0.LPC.EC.AC._PSR returned object 00000000c46fa555, external buffer length 18
 [Integer] = 0000000000000000

- execute \_SB.PCI0.LPC.EC.AC._PSR
Evaluating \_SB.PCI0.LPC.EC.AC._PSR
Evaluation of \_SB.PCI0.LPC.EC.AC._PSR returned object 00000000c46fa555, external buffer length 18
 [Integer] = 0000000000000001

acpidbg also works with complex objects such as packages.

Example 2 – To determine battery information and status

  1. Find _BIF and _BST objects
  2. Evaluate _BIF and _BST objects (note _BST changes dynamically).
- find _BIF
      \_SB.PCI0.LPC.EC.BAT0._BIF Method       00000000817541c3 01 Args 0 Len 0040 Aml 000000009abb252e

- execute \_SB.PCI0.LPC.EC.BAT0._BIF
Evaluating \_SB.PCI0.LPC.EC.BAT0._BIF
Evaluation of \_SB.PCI0.LPC.EC.BAT0._BIF returned object 00000000c46fa555, external buffer length 170
 [Package] Contains 13 Elements:
  [Integer] = 0000000000000000
  [Integer] = 000000000000ABE0
  [Integer] = 0000000000009E34
  [Integer] = 0000000000000001
  [Integer] = 0000000000003B60
  [Integer] = 00000000000007E9
  [Integer] = 00000000000000C8
  [Integer] = 0000000000000001
  [Integer] = 0000000000000001
  [String] Length 07 = "00HW027"
  [String] Length 05 = "  409"
  [String] Length 03 = "LiP"
  [String] Length 03 = "SMP"

- find _BST
      \_SB.PCI0.LPC.EC.BAT0._BST Method       00000000ed98c5ba 01 Args 0 Len 001D Aml 00000000a48eaeb6

- execute \_SB.PCI0.LPC.EC.BAT0._BST
Evaluating \_SB.PCI0.LPC.EC.BAT0._BST
Evaluation of \_SB.PCI0.LPC.EC.BAT0._BST returned object 00000000c46fa555, external buffer length 78
 [Package] Contains 4 Elements:
  [Integer] = 0000000000000001
  [Integer] = 00000000000010C6
  [Integer] = 00000000000088B8
  [Integer] = 0000000000003FC9

acpidbg can decode bit fields and save time on counting bits. Try to run acpidbg to evaluate any _PLD objects and you will see what I mean :).

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