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Published: 6 October 2009

Unspecified vulnerability in (OOo) has unknown impact and client-side attack vector, as demonstrated by a certain module in VulnDisco Pack Professional 8.8, aka "Client-side exploit." NOTE: as of 20091005, this disclosure has no actionable information. However, because the VulnDisco Pack author is a reliable researcher, the issue is being assigned a CVE identifier for tracking purposes.


not enough information to do anything. Defer until more information
becomes available
still no info as of 2010-11-11
still no info as of 2011-10-06. Marking as ignored. Can reopen when
more info is available.




Package Release Status
Launchpad, Ubuntu, Debian
dapper Does not exist

hardy Does not exist

intrepid Does not exist

jaunty Does not exist

karmic Does not exist

lucid Does not exist

maverick Does not exist

natty Ignored

upstream Needs triage
Launchpad, Ubuntu, Debian
dapper Ignored
(end of life)
hardy Ignored
(end of life)
intrepid Ignored
(end of life)
jaunty Ignored
(end of life)
karmic Ignored
(end of life)
lucid Ignored

maverick Ignored

natty Not vulnerable
(transitional package)
upstream Needs triage