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Kubernetes & cloud native operations survey

Fill out the survey to win the Mystery Box Raspberry Pi Raffle!

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Kubernetes & cloud native operations survey

The Cloud Native space is rapidly expanding and everyone wants to know what everyone else is doing. Where are we succeeding? Where are we hitting walls? The answers to all are right here! Interested in freely available statistics about Kubernetes and Cloud Native Operations? Read our annual report for 2022!

But, to provide you with the latest information and data, every year we run a survey gathering data from at least a thousand respondents on hybrid and multi-cloud operations, Kubernetes, VMs, bare metal, goals, benefits, challenges, operators, advanced usage, edge, and more. This information is a base for Kubernetes and cloud native operations reports that we publish annually with analysis and insights on personal and commercial use of cloud native technologies.

Hence, we look forward to your contribution in this years Kubernetes and Cloud Native Operations Survey. You can contribute now for 2023 and get a chance to win the Mystery Box - Raspberry Pi Cluster:

Survey Link - Click Here

Please note: In submitting the survey, you confirm you have read and agreed to Canonical’s Privacy Policy and Privacy Notice. Should you enter the raffle to win the Mystery Box through this survey, you agree to the Mystery Box Raffle Competition Terms & Conditions.