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Enterprise Kubernetes case studies

Want to learn more about 4 success stories across 4 different markets?

Kubernetes revolutionised the deployment and lifecycle management of containers across public clouds and private data centres. It was initially portrayed as a be-all and end-all for software lifecycle management. However, now that the initial “hype” around it has somewhat settled, it is clear that its adoption can be complex.

When it comes to adopting Kubernetes, many companies reported being challenged by, among others, lack of in house cloud native skills, the platform’s incompatibility with legacy systems and the security concerns that have yet to be addressed by the ecosystem. Due to these challenges, success stories and best practices for enterprise Kubernetes adoption are hard to find – but they do exist.

As a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP), we help businesses in various industries to define the right cloud native strategy and implement a fully open source solution tailored to their needs. Throughout this journey we have identified common patterns and best practices across various successful Kubernetes adoption stories. This whitepaper compiles four successful Kubernetes case studies and the main reasons behind their success.

What will you learn from these Kubernetes case studies?

  • How a top-tier US telecom carrier significantly reduced costs by migrating to Kubernetes on-premises.
  • How a company from the financial services sector transformed their cloud infrastructure to achieve multi-cloud workload portability.
  • How a Fortune 250 HR software services business migrated their Kubernetes to an open infrastructure to achieve significant cost reductions
  • How a public sector organization used Kubernetes to comply with strict governmental regulations while improving their service uptime
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