One Hundred Paper Cuts Round 5 Progress Report


on 10 August 2009

Without further ado, here’s an update on the fifth round of the One Hundred Paper Cuts project. The paper cuts addressed were:

When nautilus cannot unmount a media, it must tell why
Karmic inherited a nice dialog from upstream Nautilus that assists the user who tries to unmount a busy drive. Excellent!
Cannot install fonts using method described in help
GNOME 2.28 will address font installation issues in Karmic.
Sunset tooltip does not respect 12hr/24hr setting
Ted M Lin wrote a good looking patch and sent it upstream.
Pressing Enter in the Print-to-File dialog’s “Name” entry does not print
Mike Rooney tracked this paper cut carefully, and the behavior was recently fixed upstream.
Panel separator between clock and FUSA is not meaningful
Issue has been discussed with Ted Gould and the Canonical Design team, and the separator will be removed. I spent the week updating the Fast User Switcher for Karmic.
Notifications when switching between AC/battery power should be improved
Steve Dodier put together a nice demonstration of improved notifications for switching between AC and battery power. It should land in Karmic very soon.
Downscrolling should decrease, not increase volume
The volume applet has reverted to a vertical orientation, so this scrolling quirk has been resolved.
[Eye of GNOME] doesn’t ask whether to save changes
Mike Rooney has been very diligent about this change, following it upstream. Claudio Saavedra is working on a patch that may land in GNOME 2.28.
Non-Konqueror browser in KDE results in bouncing icons for both browsers
Mackenzie Morgan kept a careful eye on this annoying behavior. Now Firefox, Chrome, Arora, etc. icons will not inexplicably turn into Konqueror icons!

These paper cuts are behind schedule and could use your attention if you have some time to spend on them:

No visual indication upon choosing another WiFi network
Changes need to be made to make it more clear to the user what is happening when NetworkManager decides to join another network after failing to connect to a chosen network.
Deleting an image that’s used as a desktop wallpaper removed it as a wallpaper without notice
We could use some help creating a patch to store the current desktop wallpaper in a safe place in the event that the original source image is inadvertently (or intentionally) deleted.

As usual, I’d like to thank all of our papercutters for their terrific participation. Way to go, everyone — Karmic is going to be stellar!

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