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Published: 15 January 2019

An issue was discovered in the function expr6 in eval.c in Netwide Assembler (NASM) through 2.14.02. There is a stack exhaustion problem caused by the expr6 function making recursive calls to itself in certain scenarios involving lots of '!' or '+' or '-' characters. Remote attackers could leverage this vulnerability to cause a denial-of-service via a crafted asm file.



CVSS 3 base score: 5.5


Package Release Status
Launchpad, Ubuntu, Debian
bionic Deferred
cosmic Ignored
(reached end-of-life)
disco Ignored
(reached end-of-life)
eoan Ignored
(reached end-of-life)
focal Deferred
groovy Ignored
(reached end-of-life)
hirsute Ignored
(reached end-of-life)
impish Deferred
jammy Deferred
precise Does not exist

trusty Does not exist
(trusty was deferred [2019-04-25])
upstream Needs triage

xenial Ignored
(end of standard support, was deferred [2019-04-25])