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Published: 2 June 2009

Heap-based buffer overflow in the decoder_create function in the initialization functionality in xvidcore/src/decoder.c in Xvid before 1.2.2, as used by Windows Media Player and other applications, allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via vectors involving the DirectShow (aka DShow) frontend and improper handling of the XVID_ERR_MEMORY return code during processing of a crafted movie file. NOTE: some of these details are obtained from third party information.




Package Release Status
Launchpad, Ubuntu, Debian
dapper Ignored
(end of life)
hardy Ignored
(end of life)
intrepid Ignored
(end of life, was needed)
jaunty Ignored
(end of life)
karmic Ignored
(end of life)
lucid Not vulnerable
maverick Not vulnerable
natty Not vulnerable
oneiric Not vulnerable
Released (1.2.2)