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OpenStack Weekly Update

on 31 August 2017

This article originally appeared in James Page’s blog

Welcome to the sixth Ubuntu OpenStack development summary!

Firstly apologies for the lack of update two weeks ago; your author’s attempt to schedule publication whilst he was on holiday failed miserably – so this edition is a bit of a wrap up of the last 3-4 weeks of activities.

This summary is intended to be a regular communication of activities and plans happening in and around Ubuntu OpenStack, covering but not limited to the distribution and deployment of OpenStack on Ubuntu.

If there is something that you would like to see covered in future summaries, or you have general feedback on content please feel free to reach out to me (jamespage on Freenode IRC) or any of the OpenStack Engineering team at Canonical!

OpenStack Distribution

Stable Releases

Current in-flight SRU’s for OpenStack related packages:

Recently released SRU’s for OpenStack related packages:

Expect new point releases for Ceph (10.2.9) and Open vSwitch (2.5.3) for the next SRU cycle in September.

Development Release

OpenStack Pike release packages should be available in the Ubuntu Cloud Archive and in Ubuntu Artful this week, along with Ceph Luminous 12.2.0, Open vSwitch 2.8.0~ and updates to the latest libvirt and qemu versions; you can test with them today in the proposed testing area:

sudo add-apt-repository cloud-archive:pike-proposed

We’ll make a more detailed release announcement once final testing has been completed and package updates are available in the -updates pocket.

Remember that it’s also possible to consume OpenStack packages built from the tip of the upstream git repository master branches using:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openstack-ubuntu-testing/pike

Packages are automatically built for Artful and Xenial.

OpenStack Snaps

We’ve been polishing the snapstack testing tool, working on decoupling it from the snap-test scripts, in preparation for deprecating snap-test. We’ve also improved its performance and reliability when running in the OpenStack Gerrit gate by switching over to using smaller, lighter cirros images, and using tarball URLs that route through the zuul reverse proxy whenever possible. We’ve also added some features to support better use of snapstack from behind proxies.

Work has also begun on the Gnocchi snap, which will be used in the upcoming Gnocchi charm!

Nova LXD

The pike release of nova-lxd (16.0.0) was made on the 30th of August; this will be avaliable in Ubuntu Artful and the Pike Cloud Archive for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

OpenStack Charms

Pike Release

We’re right on top of the release of OpenStack Pike – the charm release will happen the week after the main OpenStack release on the 7th of September.  Feature freeze was on the 24th August so development has shifted away from feature work towards working through the bug backlog.  Look for more details in the release notes for the Charm release next week.

IRC (and meetings)

As always, you can participate in the OpenStack charm development and discussion by joining the #openstack-charms channel on Freenode IRC; we also have a weekly development meeting in #openstack-meeting-4 at either 1000 UTC (odd weeks) or 1700 UTC (even weeks) – see for more details.

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