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How to burn a DVD on macOS

1. Overview

To create an Ubuntu installation DVD on macOS, you will need the following:

  • An Ubuntu ISO file. Download the Ubuntu of your choice from here
  • A blank DVD

Ensuring the authenticity of an Ubuntu ISO
The download can be verified to ensure the data integrity and authenticity of the file.

2. Select the Ubuntu ISO

The easiest way to burn an Ubuntu ISO – the file you just downloaded – on a DVD, is by right clicking on the file in the Finder.

  • Right click on the Ubuntu .iso file
  • Select the ‘Burn Disk Image’ option


In versions of macOS older than 10.5 (Leopard), there is no “Burn Disk Image” option and you should use Disk Utility or Disk Copy to burn the ISO.

3. Insert a blank DVD

Click the ‘Burn’ button on the dialog menu


4. Burn and verify the DVD

The data will be burned and verified.


5. Next steps and finding help