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Cloud images - Google Compute Engine

Google Cloud Platform lets you build and host applications and websites, store data, and analyse data on Google’s scalable infrastructure.


On GCE, Canonical produces standard server and minimal images for all supported releases.

Finding images

Users can find the latest Ubuntu images on the GCE UI by selecting “Ubuntu” as the Operating System under the ‘Boot Disk’ settings.

For a programmatic method, users can use the gcloud command to find the latest release images:

gcloud compute images list --filter ubuntu-os-cloud

Daily, untested images are found under the ubuntu-os-cloud-devel project:

gcloud compute images --project ubuntu-os-cloud-devel list --filter ubuntu-os-cloud-devel

Image locator

Canonical also produces an Ubuntu Cloud Image Finder where users can filter down based on a variety of criteria, such as region or release, etc.

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