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How to manage snaps in the web portal

You can manage snaps from the web portal for each managed computer in your Landscape account.

View snap information from the Snaps tab

To view snap information for a specific computer:

  1. Navigate to the Computers page in the header
  2. Click the computer name that you want to manage snaps on
  3. Click the Snaps tab

This tab displays the number of installed snaps and provides options for managing snaps.

To view installed snaps, click Installed snaps located after the table or click the number of installed snaps.

To view held snaps, click Held snaps located after the table.

Install snaps for a specific computer

To install snaps for a specific computer, navigate to the Snaps tab and:

  1. Click Install snaps
  2. Enter the exact snap name
  3. Enter the tracking channel and revision if not using the defaults. You can hover your cursor over these fields to view the defaults.
  4. Select Classic if using classic confinement
  5. Click + (plus sign) to add any additional snaps, repeating the previous steps
  6. Specify the delivery information
  7. Click Submit

Refresh (upgrade), remove or hold snaps for a specific computer

To manage snaps on a specific computer:

  • To refresh (upgrade) a snap, click the up arrow icon in the same row and column as the snap name.
  • To remove a snap, click the minus sign icon in the same row and column as the snap name.
  • To hold a snap, click the package icon directly next to the snap name in the same row and column as the snap name.
    • Note: “Holding” a snap prevents the snap from upgrading in the background. It’ll stay locked to that version until you remove the hold, but you can still manually refresh (upgrade) the snap.
  • Specify the delivery information located after the table
  • Click Apply changes

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