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Enterprise OpenStack for multi-cloud operations | Ubuntu

Charmed OpenStack is an enterprise cloud platform optimised for price-performance. Run with confidence: supported or fully-managed.
Managed private cloud – Canonical's Managed OpenStack | Ubuntu

Canonical is one of the leading managed private cloud providers, offering managed cloud services for OpenStack at $15 per server per day.
Install OpenStack yourself on Ubuntu. | Ubuntu

A step-by-step guide to OpenStack installation. You only need your workstation to get started.
OpenStack tutorials on Ubuntu | OpenStack | Ubuntu

Starting with just your workstation, learn how to use OpenStack for cloud infrastructure implementation purposes, from a single-node installation to large-scale ...
SUSE OpenStack Cloud reaches the end of life | Ubuntu

Dec 7, 2020 ... Time passes by! A year has passed since SUSE announced its decision to discontinue SUSE OpenStack Cloud, and many enterprises are already ...
What is OpenStack | Ubuntu

OpenStack is an open-source cloud platform that manages distributed compute, network and storage resources, aggregates them into pools, and allows on-demand ...
OpenStack is dead? The numbers speak for themselves. | Ubuntu

Mar 3, 2022 ... According to Statista, OpenStack is the most popular open-source cloud platform and its adoption has grown steadily in recent years. As of 2020, ...
Enterprise private cloud - Canonical's Charmed OpenStack | Ubuntu

OpenStack is a complex system consisting of various interconnected components. Therefore, its operations are challenging even in a fully automated environment.
OpenStack for the edge, micro clouds and developers

MicroStack is a pure upstream OpenStack platform, designed for the edge and small-scale private cloud deployments, that can be installed and maintained with ...
An overview of OpenStack storage | Ubuntu

Feb 17, 2022 ... OpenStack storage is probably one of the most complex topics in OpenStack architecture right after networking. There are many different ...