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Extending abilities, scale and delivery without friction and with high performance

Creating a fully automated infrastructure experience

Joe Sandoval, Adobe Ad Platform
Site Reliability Engineering Manager

Build a stable, feature-focused platform that developers can shape their services on, and customers can rely on.

Adobe has implemented DevOps practices to move faster with the pace of innovation, but the acceleration of cloud change requires an adjustment in how teams work, build and deploy to be most efficient - which isn’t always comfortable. Automation and cloud-native tools keep Adobe moving forward and efficient in managing a large and diverse infrastructure fleet.

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Challenges to consider and the positive impact of a cloud-native approach:

  • Requirements for meeting quality of service standards/latency
  • Traffic volume
  • Data sets
  • Storing and recovering objects

Solutions to use:

  • OpenStack - Focusing on the platform and platform requirements, it gives exactly what Adobe needs for compute, network and storage.
  • Upstream Kubernetes on top of OpenStack and in AWS.