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What's new in Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS?

Learn what makes Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS the best long-term support release to date.

You will learn when to upgrade and how to plan for it, what new capabilities are available and how the server roadmap is defined. You’ll also get a view of the coolest 22.04 LTS features.

New in Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS

  • Cloud images for AWS, Azure and GCP with hardening, compliance, extended security and more with Ubuntu Pro
  • Kafka, Grafana and Loki joined the growing portfolio of trusted OCI images maintained by Canonical
  • OpenSSL 3.0 for modern, general-purpose cryptography and secure communication
  • Network acceleration improvements with SmartNIC support in Netplan
  • General support for GlusterFS, FRRouting and realmd/adcli under the Ubuntu main component
  • Runs on all major architectures: x86-64, ARM v7, ARM64, POWER8, POWER9, IBM s390x (LinuxONE) and RISC-V
  • The latest long-term Linux 5.15 kernel for the recent hardware and security updates
  • Updates to QEMU (v6.2), libvirt (v8.0), PHP (v8.1), Ruby (v3.0), GCC (V11.2), Python (v3.10.1), MySQL (v8.0.28), OpenLDAP (v.2.5.11), Samba 4.15

Moreover, being an LTS release, Ubuntu Server 22.04 will be supported until 2032. This makes Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS ideally suited for enterprise-class deployments wherever you have them, from the data center to the edge.

Join Lech Sandecki (Ubuntu Product Manager) for his conversation with Ubuntu Server engineers Christian Ehrhardt, Chad Smith and Lena Voytek, followed by a live Q&A.