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Kafka in production

Making sure your deployment is fast, reliable and secure

Many organisations utilise Kafka to enable data pipelines between applications and micro-services. With its wide adoption, DevOps teams often face challenges ensuring that this open source application is deployed at scale in a secure and reliable way.

For example, configuring the correct amount of replicas and topic partitions to achieve the throughput and resilience an organisation needs can be difficult. Further, organisations that deploy Kafka for the first time want to make sure it’s done correctly, whether that be on-premise or in AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Architecture, configuration and security recommendations for Kafka deployments on private cloud, container and public cloud environments
  • The challenges with Kafka operations around topic management, upgrading and scaling
  • A management solution to reduce strain, complexity and costs for DevOps teams

Watch this webinar to understand the key design decisions in creating a resilient and secure Kafka streaming pipeline and options to achieve operations at scale.