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Adopt open source securely from bare metal to cloud

Join us on December 1 at 9 AM PT, 5 PM GMT

Is your organisation planning to adopt open source but finding the security challenges associated with it daunting? It’s no secret that developers prefer to use open-source software in their projects. However, the Log4Shell attack or the more recent PyPl crypto miner packages have taught us that there are questions around how it should be managed.

At Canonical we have been dealing with open-source security issues since the very first release of Ubuntu and way before the topic became number 1 on every CISO priority list. Security is not only a key element of our commercial offering but also a design imperative for all of our products to make sure they are secure on their own - and even more secure when they’re working together.

Join this webinar to discover how you can manage these challenges and lay the software foundation of a successful cybersecurity program.

During the webinar we will discuss:

  • The security challenges facing companies that would like to adopt open source software
  • Why companies need to adopt a defence in depth approach to secure their infrastructure
  • How Canonical is tackling these issues internally and when designing our products
  • Live Q&A with a Canonical security experts and commercial team

With any questions contact us here!