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Download Ubuntu Core

Ubuntu Core is a strictly confined and immutable embedded Linux OS. Get ready to deploy your application by building your customised Ubuntu Core production image, optimised for performance and security.

Discover Ubuntu Core Read the documentation ›

Ubuntu Core 24

Noble Numbat

Build your Ubuntu Core image for your application and targeted hardware.

Ubuntu Core 24 is the latest LTS version of Ubuntu for deployment on embedded devices and edge systems. LTS stands for long-term support — which means 12 years of security and maintenance updates guaranteed until April 2034.

Build your Core 24

  • Optimised factory installation
  • Improvements to image builds
  • Enhanced GPU operations
  • Open device management

Core 24 release notes ›

  • Minimum 512 MB of RAM
  • Minimum 1 GB of storage
  • amd64, arm64 & arm32, and riscv architectures
  • TPM 2.0 on x86, or OP-TEE on ARM for full disk encryption
  • Supports NVME, SSD, and eMMC storage

Try pre-built Ubuntu Core images

Our pre-built Ubuntu Core images are an ideal way to experiment with Ubuntu Core. They are built for specific hardware platforms, but you can also test them within virtual environments.

Option 1: On a virtual machine

Try pre-built Ubuntu Core images with Multipass in Ubuntu, Windows or macOS.

Install on a VM

Option 2: On a device

Try the pre-built Ubuntu Core images on a range of x86 and ARM devices.

Install on a board

Certified on hundreds of devices

Ubuntu works alongside silicon vendors and manufacturers to enable and certify Ubuntu on a wide range of hardware. The certified hardware passes our extensive testing and review process in our labs, ensuring that Ubuntu runs well out of the box, and regression tests are performed before every system update is delivered.

Learn more about certified hardware ›