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Certification Syllabus

Each of our QuickCerts is specifically designed to be relevant to what matters in the industry today.


Illustrate your knowledge of common Ubuntu Server administrative tasks and troubleshooting. Topics include job control, performance tuning, services management, and Bash scripting.


Perform Common Administrative Tasks

  1. Manage users, groups, and permissions
  2. Configure local storage
  3. Manage partitions and filesystems
  4. Keep systems secure
  5. Configure network interfaces
  6. Back up data to remote locations
  7. Encrypt disks


Troubleshoot Issues

  1. Obtain diagnostic information about disks, services, ports, and connections
  2. Find and interpret log files
  3. Identify and interpret system performance metrics
  4. Understand the purpose and functions of virtual filesystems
  5. Take appropriate precautions before attempting irreversible operations


Configure and Control Automated Tasks

  1. Write and interpret Bash scripts
  2. Manage cron jobs
  3. Configure system logging rules, including rotation


Tune Your System for Greater Performance

  1. Configure GRUB 2
  2. Modify kernel parameters
  3. Queue commands
  4. Monitor resources
  5. Manage system services
  6. Configure service recovery