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Certification Syllabus

Each of our QuickCerts is specifically designed to be relevant to what matters in the industry today.


Prove your basic operational knowledge of Linux by demonstrating your ability to secure, operate and maintain basic system resources. Topics include user and group management, file and filesystem navigation, and logs and installation tasks related to system maintenance.


Secure System Access

  1. Create a directory and assign a group with read and write permissions
  2. Determine necessary permissions for an existing user to access a file or directory
  3. Configure password complexity rules
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of sudo use, configuration, and restriction
  5. Understand creation of user accounts with login restrictions, specific group membership, or access privileges
  6. Create a private/public SSH key pair
  7. Modify the group membership of a user


Use the Filesystem

  1. Create, read, move, delete, copy, and convert files
  2. Search the contents of a file using regular expressions
  3. Modify file contents in multiple ways: appending, replacing, terminal editing, sorting, without opening the file, etc.
  4. Compare the contents of two files
  5. Understand and navigate Linux file systems effectively
  6. Understand filesystem operation and maintenance, including quotas, and disk capacity
  7. Find software licence files and understand ramifications of open source and copyleft licence types


Maintain System Resources

  1. Identify important log files, log monitoring and rotation basics
  2. Read and interpret log data and be able to use commands like tail and grep to troubleshoot a problem
  3. Understand basic usage of disk partitioning tools such as fdisk, cfdisk and similar
  4. Understand basics of installing extra device drivers such as GPU and Wifi
  5. Configure and resize LVM-based filesystems on a server or desktop
  6. Identify processes which are consuming too many resources
  7. Add and modify scheduled tasks in pre-defined schedules in a crontab