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Training workshops and consulting

Canonical transfers knowledge through training and consulting within the scope of SMART START Training workshops empower OEMs to create IoT solutions with Ubuntu Core. Workshops are adapted to customers in-house capabilities.

The workshops blend conceptual discussion with hands-on labs. They may be delivered on-site or remotely. Following is the catalog of training and consulting services available to SMART START customers as add-on.

Introduction to Ubuntu Core

This workshop dives into Ubuntu Core and sheds light on the OS architecture. Canonical engineers demonstrate the effective use of Ubuntu Core. We show you how to create images customised to work on any board. We walk you through the disk layout, device recovery and update mechanisms. And we also showcase advanced capabilities like bootloader integration, secure boot and full disk encryption.

Snapcraft 101

A hands-on workshop to learn how to create, build, publish and maintain your own snaps using Snapcraft. The workshop alternates short instructor-led discussions with task-focused practical labs. At the end of the two day workshop, your development team will be fully capable of deploying and maintaining your own snaps.

IoT app store operations

Your own store, for your own ecosystem. What can you do and how is this managed? In this workshop, we present the functionalities built into the Snap Store and how it's typically operated.

Project consulting

On-site or remote engagement with Canonical experts in board and SoC enablement, snap development or Ubuntu management.

Smart device strategy – executive workshop

What's your IoT strategy? Whether you already ship Linux-based devices or are just thinking about entering the IoT market, we help you understand the challenges and opportunities for a successful go to market strategy. This executive workshop covers devices, edge clusters, cloud operations and strategy. Learn how to operate at high speed and precision for your all-digital business models.

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