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Charmed Ceph is built on top of a foundation consisting of the following enterprise grade software:


MAAS is a comprehensive data centre management system for bare metal (and KVM-based) machines. Omitting MAAS will necessitate extra work to ensure that storage devices are available and also to ensure that containerised applications have the network connectivity they require.

Ceph charms

A Juju charm contains all the instructions necessary for deploying and configuring software. Charms are publicly available online and represent the distilled knowledge of experts. The Ceph charms make it easy to reliably and repeatedly deploy Ceph, then scale up (and down) with minimal effort.


The Ceph charms are deployed and managed using Juju, the open source modelling
tool for deploying and operating software.

For more information on the features and benefits of Charmed Ceph see Ceph on

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