What’s new in Open Source MANO: multi-cloud orchestration, operator lifecycle management, and more..

by Wajeeha Hamid on 18 December 2020

Open source MANO (OSM) community recently added two more bricks in the wall of NFV orchestration events: OSM Release NINE and OSM#10 Hackfest. The community...

Cloud and server

Migrating to Ubuntu LTS: six facts for CentOS users

by Lech Sandecki on 17 December 2020

Considering migrating to Ubuntu from other Linux platforms, such as CentOS? Think Ubuntu- the most popular Linux distribution on public clouds, data centre...

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Cloud and server
Internet of Things

MAAS 2.9 is now available

by Bill Wear on 10 December 2020


Snaps: How we got here

by Alan Pope on 10 December 2020