Maarten Ectors

VP IoT, NG Networking & Proximity Cloud

Maarten Ectors is responsible at Canonical for Internet of Things, the next-generation of networking and cloud solutions that are in proximity of the user or at the edges of the network. Previously he was strategy director for cloud, big data and IoT. Maarten reports to Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical.

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Internet of Things

The future of your smart home

by Maarten Ectors on 15 September 2016

You can’t hide from the Internet of Things [IoT] any more. IoT is mentioned in the press almost weekly now, if not daily. Even your grandmother is talking about IoT. Smart thermostats, devices that listen to …

Internet of Things

Why open source matters to the IoT market

by Maarten Ectors on 15 September 2016

With everything becoming connected through IoT, security will be key to its success. And the best way to secure a system is to allow anybody to inspect the code and contribute a patch. The Internet of …

Internet of Things

Flying mobile base stations are coming to the UK

by Maarten Ectors on 26 April 2016

EE, the largest mobile operator in the UK and now part of BT, just announced a collaboration with Lime Micro, a leader in the next big phase of open source mobile network technology, and Canonical (Ubuntu) …

Internet of Things

When a projector and app-enabled software-defined radio cross paths

by Maarten Ectors on 7 April 2016

We had a chat with our head of IoT, Maarten, to discover what happens when a projector crosses paths with an app-enabled software-defined radio ( Below is a list of pretty cool insights when the two …


The Internet of Scary Things – #IoScaryT

by Maarten Ectors on 23 February 2016

Your broadband modem is likely vulnerable to critical security bugs that allow hackers to remotely control it and you are at their mercy because your telecom operator is not going to do anything about it. Imagine …

Cloud and server

NFV does not equal Hypervisor

by Maarten Ectors on 20 January 2016

Summary: This blog post will explain why network equipment providers are incorrectly investing in hypervisors to provide network function virtualisation and why Intel bought Altera. The answer is networking. Until recently switches, routers, DSLAMs, mobile base …

Cloud and server

The Top 5 Telecom Problems can be Solved

by Maarten Ectors on 20 November 2015

This year’s TAD Summit was a success but it was another sign that telecom operators are more likely to follow Kodak than become the next Google. The future of telecom will look very red, blood red, …

Internet of Things

Canonical Demos the power of IoT to developers with the Samsung ARTIK

by Maarten Ectors on 11 November 2015

Canonical and Samsung will be at this year’s ARM TechCon to show off the power of snappy Ubuntu Core on the Samsung ARTIK 5 and ARTIK 10 modules. The companies will demonstrate how combining Samsung ARTIK …

Internet of Things

#InternetOfToys – let the toy battles begin

by Maarten Ectors on 30 October 2015

Wouldn’t it be great to play with toys and get paid for it? If this sounds like music to your ears, then this blog post is for you. If you are a business person who thinks …

Internet of Things

PiGlow API: one small snap for humanity…

by Maarten Ectors on 16 October 2015

Victor Palau created a very nice blog post around the PiGlow. With his permission we are reproducing it here. My first steps into snappifying, I have publish a RestApi for PiGlow (glowapi 0.1.2). I though it …

Internet of Things
Internet of Things

Crowdsourcing the #AppEnabledHome: GE, FirstBuild and Canonical

by Maarten Ectors on 22 September 2015

IoT is changing the home. Soon you will have apps and app stores on any type of home appliance. Earlier this year, GE’s FirstBuild brought to market the first app-enabled fridge. However, before IoT in the …