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MAAS archives

4 posts from April 2020

You are invited to the virtual Ubuntu Masters event

By Canonical, 16 April 2020

The Ubuntu Masters Conference is a platform for IT practitioners to share how they are solving industry-wide challenges with the global engineering community....

LXD pod commissioning data

By Bill Wear, 15 April 2020

MAAS is built to manage machines, including the operating systems on those machines. Enlistment and commissioning are features that make it easier to start...

Questioning the doc

By Bill Wear, 9 April 2020

Here’s a VLOG about some changes we’re making to the MAAS documentation. It’s all about using questions at the top of articles to help direct attention. This...

Edge AI in a 5G world – part 3: Why ‘smart cell towers’ matter to AI

By Eduardo Aguilar Pelaez, 2 April 2020

This is part of a blog series on the impact that 5G and GPUs at the edge will have on the roll out of new AI solutions. You can read the other posts here....