20 posts from April 2019

Make compelling videos with free software: Director’s Cut

By Igor Ljubuncic, 11 April 2019

Creating videos is easy. Creating great videos, not so much. A good production starts with an idea, but it also requires talent, time and tools. We cannot do...

Why the Visual Studio Code team launched a snap

By Sarah Dickinson, 11 April 2019

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code is a popular free code editor with built-in support for debugging, task running, and version control. While available for Linux...

Speed up your ROS snap builds

By Kyle Fazzari, 9 April 2019

A while back I wrote a post about distributing a ROS system among multiple snaps. If you want to enable some sort of add-on story, you need to have multiple...

Optimising IoT bandwidth with delta updates

By Sarah Dickinson, 9 April 2019

As connected devices proliferate in the Internet of Things (IoT), companies need an efficient over-the-air (OTA) update mechanism for remotely delivering new...

API v3 of the yaml package for Go is available

By Gustavo Niemeyer, 5 April 2019

API v3 of the yaml package for Go is out, and it brings comment handling, intermediate node representations, and much more. The initial sketch for v3 of the...

Visual Studio Code launches as a snap

By Canonical, 4 April 2019

4th  April 2019, London, UK – As of today, Microsoft Visual Studio Code is available for Linux as a snap, providing seamless auto-updates for its users....

Remote collaborative design

By Juan Real, 4 April 2019

Hands up if you or someone in your team work remotely. I am sure there are many of you out there. One of the biggest growing trends, since I started working...

AWS IoT Greengrass released as a snap

By Canonical, 2 April 2019

Canonical and AWS are excited to announce the public release of AWS IoT Greengrass as a snap. AWS IoT Greengrass is software that brings local compute,...

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