18 posts from November 2012

Do closed clouds slow down time to market?

By Mark Baker, 12 November 2012

Get close to the business. It is a maxim CIOs live by. It means understanding exactly what drives the organisation. In a downturn, everyone wants to cut costs, but in some businesses, this is not as …

Windows 8 part 2: Licensing complexity

By Canonical, 12 November 2012

Last time we talked about how Windows 8 brings a dramatic shift to user experience. Today we’re going to explore whether businesses can escape the Window’s licensing complexity for a simpler, more cost-effective approach. It comes …

Splice, Walking Mars, Machinarium, and Crayon Physics Deluxe debut in Ubuntu Software Center

By Canonical, 8 November 2012

Another selection of mobile games from the Humble Bundle has been released with the fourth installment of the Humble Bundle for Android. As always we have awesome Ubuntu Desktop debuts: Splice, Walking Mars, Machinarium, and Crayon …

Catch the cloud with OpenStack webinars

By Canonical, 8 November 2012

OpenStack, your foundation for Cloud computing 14 November 2012 at 4pm GMT The open cloud, based on OpenStack, is fast becoming one of the most popular cloud platforms. OpenStack delivers open standards, modularity and scalability, and …

Back to Lecturing for the day

By Canonical, 5 November 2012

In my last post, I spoke about my transition from academia to industry. One thing that I felt I would miss were the opportunities to speak to students, and watch their progression throughout the year. So …

Canonical joins Linaro Enterprise Group and commits Ubuntu hyperscale availability for ARM V8 in 2013

By Canonical, 1 November 2012

Canonical continues its leadership of commercial deployment for ARM-based servers through membership of Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG) Ubuntu, the only commercially supported OS for ARM v7 today, commits to support ARM v8 server next year Ubuntu …