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Accelerating IoT device time to market

By Alex Cattle, 14 February 2020

Launching IoT devices and managing them at scale can be a time intensive and complex process. With 85% of IoT initiatives not launched after a year of...

Amazon EC2 Hibernation for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS now available

By Canonical, 11 February 2020

AWS and Canonical today announce the public release of Amazon EC2 Hibernation support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, bringing support for this feature on par with...

Ubuntu at Embedded World 2020

By Rhys Davies, 11 February 2020

Embedded world 2020 is the trade fair for embedded systems technology. Given the rapid miniaturisation of hardware and the increasing scope of high...

How to upgrade from Windows 7 to Ubuntu – Desktop tour and applications

By Igor Ljubuncic, 11 February 2020

This is the third and the last guide in this series. In the first installment, we learned about considerations for an update from Windows 7 to Ubuntu, key...

DevOps tools in 2020: Why consider Juju?

By Tim McNamara, 11 February 2020

Many DevOps tools struggle as deployments change. Juju excels. 2020 heralds a decade for a divided technology industry. Software delivery is diversifying....

Testing your user contract

By Jeff Pihach, 10 February 2020

Whenever you write any code that is to be consumed by another, whether it be a library or some UI element, that consumer expects it to work in a certain way...

The State of Robotics – January 2020

By Rhys Davies, 7 February 2020

The first month of 2020 is over and lots is already happening. Everyone seems to have come back from the holidays refreshed and ready to go. Here lies the...

Edge AI in a 5G world

By Alex Cattle, 6 February 2020

Deploying AI/ML solutions in latency-sensitive use cases requires a new solution architecture approach for many businesses. Fast computational units (i.e....

How to launch IoT devices – Part 2: selecting foundations

By nilayshrugged, 6 February 2020

(This blog post is part of a 5 part series, titled “How to launch IoT devices”. It will cover the key choices and concerns when turning bright IoT ideas into...

Building a Java snap by example

By Alan Pope, 6 February 2020

Following up on the previous example of building a rust and C based snaps, I thought we’d take a look at bundling a Java application as a snap. In this...

Design and Web team summary – 5th February 2020

By Anthony Dillon, 5 February 2020

This was a fairly busy two weeks for the Web and Design team at Canonical.  Some of us attended our internal roadmap alignment sprint in Cape Town. These...

How to upgrade from Windows 7 to Ubuntu – Installation

By Igor Ljubuncic, 4 February 2020

Installing an operating system is not an easy task. For most people, this is something they will never have done. The vast majority of people buy computers...

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